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Seven Bends Veterinary Hospital

Food Guide

Natural Treats for Dogs

A: Apple – any kind, just remove the core. 1 med. = 80 calories

B: Banana – you can freeze them! Beef – boiled, lean, in small amounts. 1 med=101 calories.

C: Carrots – raw is better than cooked. 1 med= 21 calories. Cauliflower – too much raw cauliflower can cause gas. Cheerios. Cucumbers. Chicken – boiled, lean, in small amounts. Cottage Cheese – in small amounts.

D: Dried Fruit – think of it as candy, only give in small amounts.

E: Eggs – a great source of protein, scrambled or boiled, not raw! And keep in mind; eggs are also high in calories, so take that into account if your pet is on a diet.

F: Fruit – most dogs love fruit! Dice it up, remove the peels and cores; but, too much fruit can cause loose stools. (NO grapes or raisins!)

G: Green Beans – raw. ¼ cup= 9 calories.

H: Honey – add a small amount to canned dog food, roll into balls, freeze.

I: Instant Oatmeal.

J: JELL-O – low fat, fruit flavored only.

K: Kiwi. Kidney Beans – boil beans to help prevent gas.

L: Lettuce.

M: Mango.

N: Noodles – low fat, wheat or gluten-free.

O: Oranges – seedless, small amounts only. Some dogs may be sensitive to the citric acid.

P: Peanut Butter – choose brands with organic salt and no sugar like Smuckers, Small amounts only. Pumpkin – pure pumpkin, not pie filling. Good source of Vitamins and fiber. Small amounts only because it could cause diarrhea or if fed too much, constipation.

Q: Quinoa – a nutty grain, boiled or baked, not fried. Small amounts only.

R: Rice – plain, boiled rice is good for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

S: Snow Peas. Sugar Snap Peas.

T: Tangerine – seedless. Tuna – canned, in water, in small amounts only. Turkey – boiled, lean, in small amounts only.

U: Unsalted Popcorn – air popped. ½ cup= 22 calories.

V: Vegetable Soup – low fat and low salt versions.

W: Watermelon – seedless

Y: Yams – raw is better, but high in calories and sugar, so only feed in small amounts. Yogurt – plain, low fat is often recommended for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Give in small amounts, watch for signs of gastrointestinal upset.

Z: Zucchini – give in small amounts

List of Foods NOT to Give

A: NO Avocados! NO Alcohol! NO Acetaminophen!

B: NO Bones!

C: NO Chocolate! NO Coffee! NO Cheese – High quantities could lead to nausea, vomiting, cramps and diarrhea.

D: NO Dairy Products – use in small amounts only!

E: NO Easter Lily!

F: NO Fat – Some people like to give animal fat or drippings to their dogs – not a good idea, because it can lead to pancreatitis. If a food is too high in fat for humans, it is too high in fat for dogs.

G: NO Grapes – there have been several cases of death from dogs consuming large numbers of grapes. NO Garlic!

H: NO Hops! NO Ham!

I: NO Ice Cream!

J: NO Jasmine! No Jalapenos! No Jambalaya!

K: NO Kaffer Lily!

L: NO Larkspur! NO Lilac!

M: NO Milk! NO Macadamia Nuts! NO Mushrooms!

N: NO Nutmeg!

O: NO Onions!

P: NO Peppers! NO Pork! NO Prunes!

Q: NO Queen Anne’s Lace!

R: NO Raisins! NO Rhubarb! NO Raw Yeast Dough!

S: NO Sago Palms! NO Salt! NO Sausage! NO Splenda!

T: NO Green Tomatoes! NO Tea Leaves! NO Tobacco!

U: NO Udon Noodles!

V: NO Virginia Creeper!

W: NO Wolfsbane!

X: NO Xylitol – a sweetener found in sugar-less gum and candy.

Y: NO Yeast Dough – it will swell in the dog’s stomach.

Z: NO Zephyr Lily!