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Seven Bends Veterinary Hospital

Our Philosophy

Our practice philosophy guides the services that we offer, our approaches to our clients, and the interactions with our patients. Five overarching ideas form the basis of our philosophy.


We are treating members of the family, not just dogs and cats. That’s the level of care and compassion that we desire for our pets. And that’s the approach we aim for in dealing with your pets, too. Because that’s true, we seek to bring to our patients the best in what veterinary medicine has to offer in our medical and surgical skills, knowledge and techniques, equipment and technology.


We are treating the relationship between the pet and its family. This, of course, means that we treat and prevent diseases, but it is much broader than that. Everything we do, each surgery we consider, each medication we dispense should be viewed through the filter of how it may affect the relationship between the pet and its people. You deserve to know that in order to make informed decisions about your pet’s care.


It is our job to educate you about all aspects of how you can maximize your pet’s life and happiness, and your relationship with him or her. We want to be on your team working together to meet the goals you have for your pet. To do that, you need to understand what it is we are recommending and why. So, if you leave without having more questions answered than you had when you came in, we haven’t done our job very well.


Professionalism is our goal. We want you to have an experience with a health care professional team – from our receptionists to our kennel attendants, from our technicians to our doctors. Each person you interact with should be professional in their interactions withyou and your pet.


We want to meet your veterinary needs in a personal, friendly, and compassionate way. We want not only to be your professional veterinary health care team, but also your friends. Coming to work is much more fun when we are working with and for people we know and care about.